What is the average time of sex?

What is the average Time of sex

What is the average time of sex?

An Average Time of Sex

Sexual life is the most important and interesting part of life. It is a perfect time to enjoy with your partner. Getting physical with your partner changes the level of the hormones and enhance the feelings of emotional attachment. Life without sex is difficult and most people get frustrated without sexual life. It is necessary to enjoy sex at a youthful age and accurate time. Satisfactory and comfortable sexual intercourse depends on the mood of the partners and the timings for the sex are different in every individual.

Most of the partners love to enjoy delayed sex timings and love to enjoy with each other the whole night. Sex timings can vary and it is noted that it varies from 10 to 30 minutes. Depend on the desire of males and females, when the vagina gets penetrated by the penis then maximum sex time is noted to be 4 to 7 minutes. With the advancing age, the large population of women and men love to enjoy sex the whole night or 30 minutes sex but it depends on the mood of both.

Recommendations of Sex Therapists

The sex therapists recommend doing sex as much as you want because it is best to fulfill your desires and feelings as per your demand because when people lost the desire for sex then they become frustrated as well as filled with anger. It is important to do sex even for a few minutes because it satisfies the body and hormonal level. It is difficult to estimate the exact sex timing but it is estimated that the average time for sex is approximately 4 to 7 minutes and lasts for 30 minutes. Most of the people love to use delay spray as well as Viagra. Along with the benefits, there are also some side effects of using these sprays. It is better to have natural ejaculation rather than to use different types of sprays or creams.

Problems of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can make you stressful and frustrating as well. In order to avoid this type of ejaculation, people use Lidocaine sprays because they want to do sex for a long time and want to have control over ejaculation. When male and female want to do sex for a long time and suddenly male got ejaculated without enjoyment, this makes him sad and angry. So, no need to worry about anything. You can set your perfect sex timings by using Lidocaine sprays or delay sprays to enjoy your sexual, emotional as well as physical life.

Different Sex Duration In Couples

Most of the couples enjoy the sex time of 5-10 minutes after foreplay because the male gets horny at the time and love to ejaculate immediately to release himself without any pressure. The average duration of sex is different in different individuals depending on the couple’s satisfaction.

Few couples love to enjoy sex for a longer period. Most of the people used to tell that they have an average sexual period of about 4-7 minutes which is the best period of their life.

Uses and Benefits of Delay Spray and Viagra Tablets

Delay spray or Viagra is useful in the sense that they can delay the premature ejaculation in the male. This means that those men who want to enjoy the sex time for long and don’t want to get ejaculated early can easily use these sprays which mainly delayed the ejaculation period. The delay spray like Lidocaine is useful and can be used five minutes before sex which mainly delayed the orgasm in men.

If men get premature ejaculation without fun and enjoyment with a partner, then they might suffer from anxiety and frustration. So, delay sprays are made keeping in mind the uses as well as benefits of these sprays for making the sexual life perfect and better for both partners. The delay sprays mainly use to delay the men's orgasm five times longer.

Lidocaine spray or Viagra mainly lessen the sensitivity in the penis tip and help the partners to enjoy the sex time for a longer period. For premature ejaculation, these delay sprays are immediate as well as an easy solution. The most interesting thing is that these sprays mainly need to be used only at the time of sex. If you don’t want sex, then you don’t need to use these sprays.

The ingredients used in these products are safe and sensitive and people can easily use these sprays. Viagra is also used for sex-related problems and used to increase and enhance the blood flow to the male penis. The most amazing thing is that you don’t need to have a prescription with you if you want to buy these products. Most people get embarrassment to talk to their doctor regarding their sexual life. No need to worry about anything. You can go to a pharmacy or order online without a prescription.

Side Effects of Delay Spray and Viagra Tablets

Along with the uses and benefits of delay spray or Viagra, there are also side effects of these products. As we know excess of everything is bad and can lead to the worst condition. Either the product can give you benefit or harm you, it depends mainly on the use of this product. If you use it for a longer time then there might be a chance that you will lose the sensation and it will numb your penis which makes it difficult to maintain the erection period.

So, for that, you mainly need and wait for the spray or Viagra to wash off the penis area or remove from it. If you use the delay spray for a longer period of time then there might be a chance that you can suffer from the loss of pleasure with your partner although you will have sex for a long time.

Viagra mainly causes headaches, dizziness, vision changes, or stomach upset. As we know, having sexual activity means that you are putting more strain on the heart so you can suffer from heart disease if you use Viagra for a longer time. If you experience serious heart problems or any side effects stop using these products and stop doing sex. Just go and consult a physician.

Desensitizing products like Viagra or delay spray can work fastly and quickly as well as they are easy to buy and no effort is needed for the ejaculation but a problem is that it is not a perfect cure.