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Pros and Cons of Delay Sprays

Delay sprays are used for the cure and treatment of penis sensitivity. Before buying or using the delay sprays, different questions arise in the human mind. The questions like: Is there any side effect of using delay spray or what are the accurate uses and benefits of using these products? Along with the uses and benefits of the delay spray products, of course, there might be few side effects. The pros and cons of delay sprays are several in numbers and this article will help you to find out the exact pros and cons of the product.

Delay Spray and Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation actually means early ejaculation or the ejaculation at the time when both partners are enjoying bedtime sex and male do not want to ejaculate early and suddenly the ejaculation happens. This premature ejaculation makes the men frustrated at that time because he wants to enjoy sex for a long time but ejaculation happens rapidly. In order to overcome this situation, delay sprays are now introduced in the market for the benefits of men.

These delay sprays allow both partners to do sex for a long time and enjoy the charms and life of physical intimacy. You just need to follow the instructions before using the spray because it is the most important thing. So, we can say that no need to worry about premature ejaculation as we have every solution to your problem. The delay sprays are used topically and these sprays mainly numb the penis of men and allow it to enjoy sexual activity with the partner.

Use of Delay Spray

The desensitizing sprays of the penis are used to detain the ejaculation period in the human being which mainly allows both partners to do sex as long as they want. The question comes in the human mind about the usage of these delay spray products. How we can use the delay spray? Is it easy to use? These questions always come in the mind before using the delay spray. Although penis desensitizing sprays come with different names in the market but don’t worry, the ingredients in all these products are the same. The ingredient like benzocaine and lidocaine are similar in all delay sprays.

It is a fact that you don’t need a certification or degree on how to use delay sprays. It is a simple formula and nothing is complicated in it. Just hold the spray in the hand and shake the bottle fully so that all the impurities settle down. Open it with your hands and spray on the head of your penis. Rub it in a circular form until the full absorption of spray by penis occur. Spray on the penis just 30 minutes before sex to undergo a reaction in your body. If you follow all these instructions without hesitation, then you will be successful.

Advantages or Benefits of Delay Spray

The benefits of using delay sprays are several in numbers which must be kept in mind before using these lidocaine products.

  • Safe Ingredients

The ingredients use in delay sprays are safe for many people. Lidocaine or benzocaine are the common ingredients use in all the delay sprays and these ingredients never undergo any allergic reaction in the human body. So, they are the anesthetics that are used for the topical purpose and all people can easily tolerate these safe ingredients.

  • No Need for Prescription

It is interesting to know that delay sprays are easily available online or in the pharmacy and you don’t need to have a doctor’s prescription with you. It is hesitating for most of the people to go to the doctor and talk about premature ejaculation. Delay sprays do not need a prescription and you don’t need to get embarrassed.

  • Effective Numbness

Delay sprays mainly numb the area of the penis effectively which means that these sprays reduce the sensitivity of the human penis and in this way, both partners can enjoy the sexual activity for a long period of time. There are the least chances of premature ejaculation.

Disadvantages or Side Effects of Delay Spray

There are several disadvantages or side effects of using delay sprays.

  • Reduction of Sensation

Most of the delay sprays are very strong and too much hypotensive that when you use these delay sprays for a long time, there are chances that your penis might lose the sensation and become senseless which highly affect your erection period. 

  • Problem for Partner

Sometimes, delay sprays create lots of problems for your bed partner if it transfers to her. If the effect of desensitization transfers to your sexual partner, then there might be a chance that she will lose the sense of pleasure. Less pleasure will not satisfy you and your partner. 

  • Sex Planning

It is not a good thing that before doing sex, you need to plan it and apply the delay sprays 30 minutes before sex. In this way, you will waste your time in planning and moving ahead. 

Instructions to Use Delay Spray

It is important to follow the instructions before using these products to avoid any harm. Before having sex, you need to wipe off your penis area to avoid germs. Cleaning of the penis is important because the germs can transfer to your partner.

After applying the delay sprays, you need to rub it fully on the penis in order to absorb it and if you see any chance of moisture then wash it. If you correctly use the products, then any effect of delay spray will not transfer to your partner. So, try to follow all instructions and use the product accordingly. You need to wait for the reaction after applying the delay spray. Always check the benefits as well as the side effects of delay spray before use or buy it.

Your main mission is to use or target the spray only on the penis and not the surroundings. Start with only 2-3 times of spray and increase the dosage accordingly. Keep all the products away from pets or kids. Just buy those products which suit you and follow all the instructions thoroughly and carefully. Do not use the high dosage if you are new to it. Just try with a small dosage and exceed the dosage with time.