Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is the common and irritating sexual problem in men which mainly affects more than 30 million males. It is defined as the trouble in keeping and getting a proper erection during sexual intercourse. If you are doing sex and not getting your penis hard, then it makes most of the men angry as well as frustrated. Erectile dysfunction is basically an inability of the penis to keep as well as get a proper erection. If the erection problem continues for a long time then it leads to an increase in stress and it lessens the self-confidence in both partners.

It can create problems in your strong relationship and makes it weak. It is very important to give yourself a proper medication because Erectile dysfunction can be a worse sign of bad health conditions which need proper medication and treatment. If you are worried and want to consult your doctor, just go immediately and don’t delay because it can lead to depression. Erectile dysfunction happens when the blood is not flowing in the penis or there is not a proper flow of blood at the time of sexual intercourse.

Sign And Symptoms 

When Erectile dysfunction becomes problematic, then it becomes mandatory to consult your doctor or physician which plays an important role in betterment or treatment of this sexual problem.

  • Erectile dysfunction is a big warning sign of heart diseases in which blockage happens in the vascular system of men.

  • You may get a persistent reduction in sexual desire.
  • Trouble in keeping a proper erection at proper sex timing.
  • Depression and stress

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Physical causes and emotional causes of Erectile dysfunction should be known and need to be treated with full care. It is a known fact that sexual arousal is a complicated phenomenon which mainly involves hormones, nerves, brain, blood vessels, muscles and emotions. If you are having a problem in any of these, then you might undergo the problem of Erectile dysfunction. Mental health is also a big cause which can worsen it.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Physical causes of Erectile dysfunction occur or happen when the blood is not staying in the penis during the period of physical intimacy, then it is difficult for men to keep an erection. This problem can occur at any time or any age.

  • If the pelvic area of men is injured or operated for some reason, then the signals of nerves from your brain do not properly reach your area of the penis.

  • Many health problems like diabetes, heart diseases and hardened arteries can reduce the flow of proper blood into the male’s penis.
  • If you are having treatment of cancer or chemotherapy, the radiations can lower or affect the functions of the penis.
  • Those drugs which are used for the treatment of other health problems can harm your penis health and erection. Patients need to talk about the side effects and harms of the drugs before using them.

Emotional Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

During sex, the body and mind must work together in a single flow. If they don’t work, then different emotional issues can be developed. Emotional problems or issues can cause Erectile dysfunction or worsen it. Few of the emotional causes are:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression
  • The stress of religious or cultural conflicts
  • Different conflicts of relationships

Known Risk Factors of Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the people think that with the advancing age or growing old becomes the main cause of Erectile dysfunction but its not true. The fact is that most of the men stay sexually strong even at the age of 80. Some risk factors of Erectile dysfunction are:

  • Obesity

  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol level
  • Heart or Cardiovascular diseases
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Age of more than 50
  • Lack of exercise

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

Two Common types of Erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Ischemic priapism or low-flow Erectile dysfunction

  2. Non-ischemic priapism or high-flow Erectile dysfunction
  1. Ischemic Priapism or Low-Flow

Ischemic priapism or low-flow Erectile dysfunction occurs when the blood in the erection chambers don’t flow properly rather than trapped in these chambers.

  1. Non-Ischemic Priapism or High-Flow

Non-ischemic priapism or high-flow Erectile dysfunction is not much painful and occurs when there is any injury in the male’s penis which mainly stops the blood to flow normally. In this way, arteries get ruptured.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The doctor or your physician prescribed those medicines which are helpful to keep the blood flowing in the proper way to the penis and making the erection strong enough during sex. The proper medication or treatment of Erectile dysfunction starts when you properly look after your health. You need to change or stop your habits of smoking and alcohol. Try to treat emotional problems fully and never take too much stress and tension. The medicines for the treatment of ED are:

PDE5 Inhibitors

Oral medicine belongs to the group of PDE5 inhibitors i.e: Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and Stendra are best to treat the sexual problem. Those men who are on medication need to take sexual drug half an hour before sex and wait for the reaction of the medicine. PDE5 inhibitors help in the normal flow of blood to the men penis which is best to get a firm erection. If you are taking other medicines like nitrates, then try to avoid taking a PDE5 inhibitor. Because a mixture of nitrates and PDE5 is not good. Just stop nitrates for some time and take PDE5 medicines for better results.

Penile Injections

If oral drugs or medicines don’t work well for you, then you have a chance of using the penile injections for your penis. Alprostadil is the penile injection which needs to be injected at the side of the male’s penis. Your erection problem can be treated suddenly with 85% results. You can do self-injection therapy at your home which is an easy way to get a firm erection.

Testosterone Therapy

If the level of testosterone is low and your desire of doing sex is decreasing day by day, then testosterone therapy is the best to fix the erection problems of men.

Surgery or Surgical Treatment

In the surgical treatment, doctors mainly use the penile prosthesis or insert the penile implant into the penis of impotent men. Although it is risky, the rate of satisfaction and success is also high in the penile implant insertion. Penile implants are those devices which help to make your penis stiff and hard enough to do proper sex.


To prevent Erectile dysfunction, you need to do exercise and consult with your physician to manage heart diseases or diabetes. Try to reduce the state of depression and anxiety. Go for screening tests and regular checkups. If you make your lifestyle healthy and manage all the health problems and issues, then you can never get any sexual problem in your life.