Delay Spray in Pakistan

Use the Delay Spray in Pakistan – Delay the Climax

The average sexual intercourse timing for most of the men is about 14 to 18 minutes. Maybe you too have the same and you’ll know it if you count it with a stopwatch. But do you think it is enough to feel pleased, or satisfy your partner, and grow intimacy with her? You might have wondered if there is any way you could stay engaged in the sexual world for hours, after hours. Well, there is. Delay sprays or timing sprays are used by men for long time sex and delayed climax.
If you feel that you don’t last long enough to gratify your partner, know that you’re not the only one. One of the most common sexual problems that men face is premature ejaculation and to believe the statistical data, it affects around 75% of men at a point in their life. They feel they don’t have enough stamina to measure up to guys in porn. Just to mention, porn sex isn’t real sex, but you’ve got several other reasons to last longer. Many men have reported that longer penetration helps their partner reach orgasm. So now you have a great reason to explore the range of Delay Spray in Pakistan and use them in your sex life to improve sex quality.

Why should you Buy Imported Delay Spray in Pakistan?

The pleasure and fulfillment that timing sprays offer don’t require a reason for purchase at all. After all, who does not want to increase the sexual stamina and make the love last longer and harder? So, you need delay sprays to keep going, and going before coming.
Last few years have made Best imported delay sprays very common and popular among men because of its results. They have taken off in a major way and why not, they are incredible and enough to increase your potential. Here are the reasons more and more men are investing in the most promising product to increase your lasting time, Delay spray in Lahore.

These are the reasons you should not even think twice before investing in our timing sprays in Pakistan. It is not just to increase your sexual stamina but also to improve the intercourse experience for your lady. Prolonged sex is what she was longing for, always, right?

What to expect from our delay sprays?

How to use Delay Spray in Karachi correctly?

Many men use timing sprays for delaying the climax. However, most of them do not know how to apply this spray or how to use it correctly. What if incorrect use of the spray shows no results or in fact, makes you ejaculate earlier? Now that’s something serious. This is why you should know the right method of using it.

Know Where to Spray

It’s not that you have got a spray and the more you use it, the better will be the result. That’s the major mistake most men do. You need not spray it all over your penis from top to bottom. The best thing to use it is to spray just on the most sensitive part i.e., the tip of your penis. It will desensitize the tip to make you last longer. If you use the delay spray all over the erection, it might numb your penis too much.

Slow Application

You should spray it just on the erect penis from a distance of at least 30 cm. Also, don’t spray continuously at one go. Spray it once, hold on for some time, and then give the next spray. This is important because overusing the spray might decrease the stimulation, sensation and even affect your partner during penetration.

Flaccid or Erect?

Men often have a query – whether to spray it on an erect or a flaccid penis? Know that spray works by desensitizing your penis. If you spray it on a flaccid penis, it will reduce the stimulation and sensation and you might not get an erection at all, or if you do, it might take a lot of time. So, it is advised to use the delay spray once you’re hard and ready to make love for more than the usual time.

The Right Time

As mentioned above, you should use delay spray on erect penis. Now should it be just before the penetration? No. You must have heard “Good things take time” and so does this spray. When you know that you are to enjoy penetration just after 5-10 minutes, it is a safe bet to use the spray at that time.  

With timing sprays, you have a private supporting partner who helps you make your sexual life, fire! Delay spray in Islamabad are quite famous and it is a great option to invest in them. We want you to have a long and hard sex nights and this is why our delay sprays are the best for you. No matter how old you are, our non-toxic, odourless and clinically proven sprays are a best choice for every man.

Where To Buy Delay Spray in Pakistan?

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