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Ky Jelly in Pakistan
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Ky Jelly in Pakistan


 KY Jelly in Pakistan is a lubricant that is a health product rather than a pleasure product but actually, it's both. There are two different types of lubricant the first one is liquid silk which is 90 percent water and 10 percent silicon and then the second one is KY lube which is a hundred percent silicon.

KY lubricant you can actually use with toys and the beauty of this is that it's compatible with all different materials. You can really cover the whole toy to be able to create a beautiful Glide whereas silicon lubricant is amazing with toys but unfortunately can't be used with silicon material or silicon toys so make sure to remember that they're not compatible very sadly.



You can use a KY lubricant for penetrative sex whether that be vaginally or anally if you're going to use it anally I recommend that you double the amount of lubricant you think you need to use because the rectum doesn't actually self-lubricate and so it will make it much more comfortable and much more pleasurable to be able to use more lubricant


KY Jelly in Pakistan can be a great test for trying out the different sensations with different toys or may be different ways of touching yourself and see how that feels.


Another tip is to use this with other people for external play so that can be either the vulva that could be potentially around the anus may be it's hand sex so hand jobs or fingering the vagina Oh potentially it is oral sex as well you could totally bring this into oral sex to be able to create extra glide and extra lubrication and can be incredibly fun


Sex Tips:

One of the best tips is that you can actually use KY Lube or any Lube products that I recommend KY Jelly in Pakistan Lube because it's the best because you can use this during bath and shower sex. I'm sure many of you have had the experience of beginning this and finding is actually not that comfortable and ends up feeling a little bit dry and unsatisfying whereas if you bring your boob into the equation it can create a glide and it doesn't break down in water so that's an extra little sneaky tip.


KY Availability in Pakistan with Privacy:

 If you enjoyed these tips then I recommend that you should try our product at once to experience pleasure because we are creating awesome content to teach you about all the different ways you can increase your pleasure in your life.

 Of course, if you want to buy this product ________ online store is awesome and has these on hand to remind you of the name KY Jelly in Pakistan lube highly recommend and then of course if you want to order our product drop us a message and our customer care would contact you back.

Payment Method:

Payment methods to order KY Jelly are kept easy with a number of options available. These include:

  1. Online Banking
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  3. Microfinance Banking 

● Easy paisa

● Jazz Cash

  1. Cash On Delivery


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