Neobax cream

Neobax cream
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Brand: Hamdard
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Made In: Pakistan
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we are presenting our new product Neobax cream. you can use it without any hesitation for perfect men's health which will give relief while you want to want some fun.

Price Each: PKR. 600

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Neobax cream

Assists with treating sexual dysfunctionality

Assists with loss of manly and erection power

Gives the greatest excitement to men


You can utilize this cylinder for 15 applications. Rub it delicately on the sides of the organ (aside from the organ) till the entire enters.

How to get it?

Presently accessible on; an online medical store in Pakistan with the most reduced costs and free conveyance. (Terms and conditions apply)

Offering the Hamdard Neobax 15 Gram with quick transportation in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, and numerous different urban areas of Pakistan.

The quantity of the cream is: 15g

Detail of the product:

Anacylus pyrethrum (Pellitory):

It improves actual strength and functions as a decent Spanish fly. Aqarqarha benefits a ton in untimely discharge.

Testicular Extract (Castoreum):

It raises the degree of sexual energy. It revives the male body, expands want, and improves attitude.

Clove (Oil from clove buds):

As an effective rub, clove oil assists increment with the blooding flow and gives a warming sensation.

Musk xylol (Musk):

As a love potion, it is given in mix with different aphrodisiacs in fundamental shortcoming and weakness.

Olive (Oil from olives natural products):

 Externally, olive oil is emollient and calming to kindled surfaces and is utilized to mollify the skin and as grease for kneading.

Cantheridis (Blister insect):

The cantharides are utilized as a sexual enhancer because of their inclination to cause priapism (relentless unusual erection of the penis).

Cinnamon (Oil of cinnamon bark):

Cinnamon oil is an aggravation and sensitizer.


  • Absence of full advancement of sexual organs because of the inadequacy of sex chemical when adolescence.

  • Loss of manly and erection power ensuing to over the top use or maltreatment because of obliviousness

  • Damaged recovery of nearby tissues ensuing to neighborhood sicknesses like gonorrhea, syphilis, and so forth

  • Sexual weakness after a long weakening sickness.

Instructions to utilize

The substance of the cylinder gets the job done for 15 applications.

1/fifteenth piece of it ought to be delicately kneaded on the body of the organ on all sides (aside from glans) till the entire is ingested into tissues.



naveed ahmad ( )

I used it and its very effective product thanks

3 years ago

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