Timing Cream in Pakistan

Timing Cream in Pakistan
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Increase your sexual timing with the best Timing Cream in Pakistan. Delay Cream is specially made for Premature Ejaculation. it can increase the men timing 30/mints to 60/mints. Buy This timing cream with moon medics.

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Timing Cream in Pakistan

Use Timing Cream in Pakistan – Feel the Heaven

Several studies have shown that the average sexual intercourse timing of a man is about 14 to 18 minutes. Not generalizing it but if you too count your timing using a stopwatch, the result would be the same. But this limited time for intercourse won’t let you grow your intimacy with your partner and might leave her unsatisfied.

At some point in time, you must have wondered about remedies that could help you last longer in bed. That is not just a passing thought but your body’s demand. Well, to keep you engaged in the sexual world for hours, timing or delay creams are your best companion.

Premature ejaculation or limited ejaculation control is a problem with a lot of men. So, if you’re unable to gratify your partner, you’re not alone in that list. Investing in timing cream in Pakistan can solve all your problems and make your partner reach orgasm by offering you longer penetration.

Why should you use timing cream in Pakistan?

The pleasure and contentment that the cream provides is beyond imagination and needs no other reason to make it worth purchasing. Even though if you’re looking for any, here are they:

  • The use of timing creams has gained popularity as it highly increases the chances of both partners reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.

  • When you use the cream, it aids your sexual confidence by exerting a soothing and calming effect. This confidence then helps you make love to your partner for hours and satisfy her. Surprising? Try yourself by getting herbal delay cream in Pakistan.

  • Timing creams work by desensitizing the penis by numbing its tip. This reduces the over-sensitivity which reduces stimulation which results in the delayed climax.

  • It helps you be the man you’ve always wondered to be while watching porn.


What do delay creams have to offer you?

  • Increased sexual timing from 14 minutes to 2 hours

  • Remedy to premature ejaculation or limited ejaculation control while intercourse

  • Stronger and harder erection

  • Heavenly sexual experience every single time

Timing Cream in Lahore

Investing in our timing cream in Lahore would be the best choice ever taken by you for your sexual life. The extreme level of pleasure awaits you on the other side of this magic cream.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to use the timing cream?

You need not be harsh while applying the cream. Gently, roll down the skin of your penis to fully expose its tip. Then apply it on the tip and slowly go down by massaging it softly all over your penis to the bottom of the shaft. This will help you last longer by desensitizing the tip and reducing the stimulation.

  • Should you use the cream just before penetration?

Once you’ve used the cream, it would take some time to work. This is why you should not use it just before the penetration or it will be worthless. The right time to apply it is 5-10 minutes before penetration. While you’re on foreplay, it is a safe bet to use it.

  • How to use delay cream?

Delay cream in Pakistan should be used sometime before penetration. While applying it, note that you should not apply too much at once. The overuse of the cream might affect your partner during penetration.

  • Should you massage it on an erect or a flaccid penis?

When your penis is erect but not completely hard for penetration, it is the best time to apply the cream. There is no situation you should apply the cream on a completely flaccid penis. Doing so would reduce the sensation and you might not get an erection at all or if you do, it would take a lot of time.


Aqib mustafa ( )

Eros cream is the best timing cream in Pakistan. if you want to increase your sexual stamina during the sexual activity then eros timing cream helps you to increase the sexual time up to 30 minutes. highly recommended.

3 years ago


ali shah ( )

thanks to moon medics I got my results. this timing cream is best ever for sex timing.

3 years ago

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