Vimax Spray

Vimax Spray
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Brand: Vimax
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buy original imported Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan Made in Canada. it can improve the sexual timing during intercourse and gives you amazing pleasure. Vimax Spray extends the sex timing up to 40 minutes with no side effects.

Price Each: PKR. 2200

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Vimax Delay Spray in Pakistan

Vimax Spray is a product made for men to improve their sexual performance and increase stamina. This product is developed by urologists, recommended by thousands of people who have used it for a pleasurable sexual life and enhancement of sexual orgasm capacity. Males often feel ashamed about penis sensitivity which increases with time due to some physiological or physical reasons. Although Vimax Delay spray in Pakistan help you to gain penis sensitivity with remarkable results.

Is Vimax spray safe to use?

When it comes to a healthy male, who does not suffer from any disease, this product is best and suitable to use. But if you are suffering from a severe illness, it is recommended to be concerned with your first, then take your step towards the Vimax spray in Pakistan. Because the use of Vimax Spray for an unhealthy person would be harmful.

How does Vimax Spray Work?

Vimax spray is a delay spray that works remarkably. Also, it fixes discharge timing by improving it up to 30-45 minutes. This delay spray helps ensure the blood flow into the penile area to destroy the blockage of damaged cells. It additionally upgrades and improves sexual stamina. When one cannot have enough energy to meet his desirable sexual life, it is due to the blockage caused by damaged tissues in the penile area. Vimax Spray in Pakistan helps to recover such damaged tissues.

Benefits of Vimax Spray

Vimax Delay spray in Pakistan comes up with a significant number of benefits.

  • Easy to apply.
  • No harmful side effects.
  • Quick action and remarkable results
  • Improves sexual stamina.
  • Enhance sexual orgasm capacity.
  • Satisfy your sexual life.
  • Its effect lasts for a long time.

What is the price of Vimax spray?

although Vimax spray price in Pakistan is affordable as compared to other brands. moon medics offer Vimax spray in Pakistan at an affordable price at Rs: 2200.


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